That’s me in the middle picture in the bottom row having a cup of chai and a pastry in the main street of Berry, NSW (Australia) in March 2021. And that’s my motorbike, Jaffa, behind me, loaded with my camping gear.

I hadn’t realised that travelling the world by motorbike was a long-held dream until a day 18 months previously when I went into a motorbike shop with my son. He’d just come home from mountain biking overseas for a year. While he was looking for a car, he wanted a quick look at some motorbikes. Maybe his next trip would be adventure touring around Asia.

Browsing around the back of the showroom, I fell in love with an Indian (no, not a man who eats curries, but an Indian motorbike). And at that moment I knew I had to have a motorbike.

That was January 2020. Now, July 2021, I’ve done 18,000 km on my little Jaffa, a Harley-Davidson Street 500, travelling down to Tasmania at Christmas 2020 and up to Rockhampton in Queensland over Easter 2021 to the Queensland HOG rally. You can find out more about me here, more about Jaffa and all my other gear here, more about my travels here, and links to some of the people I follow here. My miscellaneous thoughts on Living An Unlived Life can be found in my blog posts here.

Hugs, Wanda


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